It has been a busy few weeks, I mean months! Since January I have been on the beach coaching but the last two weeks has been pretty fun...

The Spanish team has been in town for two weeks. We have spent a lot of time together since they have been practicing with Kerri and April. They stayed in Hermosa Beach and trained, even traveled up the coast to Zuma to practice with us! It was nice to have them in town...great team to train against but more importantly great friends! 

I will be posting some drills under Coaches' Corner this week! I am getting back on track since Grad School, Pepp Sand Season, and Kerri and April have been getting all my attention. :) Not to mention a group of 7th grade boys that do iDrills clinics on Tuesday and Friday! (More on them later) 

Thanks for all your support--The girls start traveling this month on the FIVB tour... We are looking forward to start competing!  

(More pics to come from the off season)